Dressurausbildungsstall Leonie Bramall und Volker Dusche

Leonie Bramall

As developmental trainer for horse and rider the Canadian born Leonie Bramall now calls Gestüt Mühlenort home. From child hood onwards horses were the only thing in Leonie's head, and thus her riding career began at a very young age. As well as the characteristic western style of riding. Leonie was also very much at home in the 3 day eventing scene, before her remarkable career became more and more concentrated in the dressage arena.

As a Junior and Young Rider Leonie was one of the most striking talents in Canadian dressage sport. More than 30 wins at the advanced levels and many times the titel of advanced champion belong to her achieved honors in North America. Further Leonie belonged to the 1981 Gold medal and 1982 Silver medal teams at the North American Continental Young Rider Championsships.

At the tender age of 18 Leonie decided to set her sails for the stable of, at that time, Canadian National trainer Johann Hinnemann in Germany.

In Hinnemann's dressage stable in Voerde Leonie became one of the major figures of the farm sharing the resonsibilities for the training of horses and riders over a 15 year period. Many nationally and internationally known dressage horses and riders have profitted from her assitence wih their training in learning the ABC's of the ground basics and the fine tuning helping them on their way to higher success.

Horses such as WHITE STAR (v. Werther) or also BELTAIN (v. Bolero) whom, thanks to Leonie , became multiple winners at the advanced levels. Due to these victories BELTAIN recieved his stallion approval over his sport success and also won the Rheinland Dressage Championship that year.

Further wins in the advanced levels for WUNSCHTRAUM (v. Wenzel I) who is now successful in the USA. RIBOT (v. Ribot), CARINA (v. Canaris) etc. CALYPSO (v. Casiar) whom Leonie successfully competed through to Grand Prix .

With FOSBURY (v. Foxtrott - Renaldo) Leonie won the German Championships for the 5 year old dressage horses in 1992 in Verden. In the Netherlands Leonie rode the highly regarded INSPEKTEUR in his young years at the beginning of a most successful competition career. At the stallion championship in S'hertogenbosch 1995 thes pair ranked second in the 5 year old class having impressively and outstandingly the year before won the Championship titel for 4 year olds.

Through Johann Hinnemann, Leonie became responsible over a 2 year period for the further training of the stallions of one of the most important breeding operations in Germany, Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln. Both RELEVANT (v. Rubinstein - Goldlöwe), and also ROHDIAMANT (v. Rubinstein - Inschallah) definatly profited from Leonies input to their training on their way to a fantastic career in breeding and sport. As a 7 year old in 1996 ROHDIAMANT and Leonie won 2 qualifications and thus a place in the Frankfurt final of the »Nürnberger Burg Pokal«.

A 3 year creative break from higher dressage was followed in 2001 by instentanious success. In the summer of this year Leonie took over the training of the 6 year old Hessen stallion BOTICELLO (v. Brindisi - Blue Grenadier xx). Along with the immediate success and wins in Medium dressage tests the outstanding combination went on in a short time to win the Hessen Championship along with the qualification for the German Championships and the World Championships for 6 year old Dressage horses in Verden. An outstanding 6th and 5th place in the initial qualification and an impressive top 10 finish in the final were the outstanding result.

In the Fall of 2001 Leonie concentrated her effonts on the training of the breeding stallion FIORISSIMO (v. Werther) as the new trainer of Gestüt Bonhomme , Bramsche. Within a couple of months the imposing bay Hanoverian was a serial winner at the Medium level with Leonie. This pair continued their winning ways in 2002 with the first victories and high placings at the advanced levels.

Leonie and Gilbona

Along with the above menthoned and more than outstanding competition success, Leonie triumphed her greatest achievinents to date both Nationally and Internationally over years with the Oldenburg chestnut mare GILBONA (v. Grundstein) Countless wins and placings in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Kür both nationally and internationally established this pair as a solid member of the Canadian National Team. The highlights over these years were definatly the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 as well as the World Equestian Games in Den Haag 1994. GILBONA and Leonie were able to hold their own taking an outstanding 3 place ranking at the Hamburg Derby 1994. Sadly a severe illness and the death of this charismatic and breathtakingly moving mare ended the impresive career of this nationally an internationally regarded »Dream Team«.

Taking Leonies amazing career as a whole, she has to date over 2500 wins (stand: 31.12.2001) and placings at the advanced to Grand Prix levels.

Advanced horses by Leoniet
("#" = advanced winners with Leonie)Peter xx v. Pearce xx (#)
Brutus xx by (#)
Radamus by (#)
Ulexo by (#)
Raymondo 8 by Romadour II (GP)
Fallstaff by Furioso II (#)
William 38 by Wittelsbach (GP #)
Ribot by Ribot (# GP)
Rigoletto 85 by Rinaldin
Rigolo Boy by Renaldo (#)
Carina 107 by Cacir AA (#)
Fosbury 2 by Foxtrott
Trust by Titus (#)
Rolex Man by Rigorosus
Calypso 137 by Cacir (#)
Gilbona by Grunstein I (GP # - Olympiade)
Wunschtraum 50 by Wenzel I(GP #)
White Star 29 by Werther (#)
Chopin 16 by Calypso (GP #)
Don Gregory by Donnerhall (#)
Rohdiamant by Rubinstein (#)
Beltain by Bolero (#)
Fiorissimo v. Werther (#)

Horses in Advanced Class up from 2001

Rosalinde v. Royal Blend (#)
Equinox v. Ehrentusch,
Deichgraf v. Donnerhall (#)
Boticello v. Brindisi (#)
Don Marcello v. Donnerhall,
Ronda BM v. Rohdiamant (#)
Wild Dance v. Wolkenstein II (#)
Billionaire v. unbekannt
Carl der Dritte v. Calypso I (GP #)
Cheer v. Cheenock (#)
Look who`s here v. Landgraf I (GP)
Märchenprinz v. Münchhausen (GP #)
Showtime v. Polarpunkt (#)
Halberstädter's Martin v. Matula
Royal Flash v. Royal de Saxe
D'accord v. De Niro (#)
Athena Rubella v. Abanos
Orion v. Jazz (GP #)
La Scala v. Lancer II (GP #)
Lady Lu v. Londonderry (#)
Diamond Dancer v. Diamond Hit
Detroit 22 v. Diamond Hit
Succession v. Flemmingh (#)
Reenergy's Basil v. Belissimo M (#)
Richhofen 7 v. Royal Blend (#)
Lorello v. Lauries Crusador xx (#)
Titiano v. Münchhausen (#)
Donizetti v. Don Frederico (#)
Rocky Mountain v. Royal Blend (#)
Queensland v. Quaterback (GP #)
Cricket BD v. Charmeur (#)
First April BD v. Follow Me
Fleur de Vie FRH v. Fidertanz


Leonie and the success of her students

In 1993 after only a few competitive years in Germany Leonie was awarded the »Golden Riding Award«. Thanks to Leonie's help many other riders in Germany have also recieved this high profile award.

Also in the 3 day event scene and the Junior/Pony Dressage sport scene Leonies students have booked in first class success both Nationally and Internationaly. The 21 year old Insa-Kristina Weddige has establistial herself within a few years as one of Germanys finest up and coming in the 3 day eventing scene. With her horse ARAM (v. Akitos xx) Insa has had top international success (2nd place in England and European Championships Team Gold) not to mention her success as German Champion 1999 and reserve German Champion 2001. Also the 18 year old Eva-Christin Putz with her mare DESTINY (v. Derby Favorit) has been successful participant at the Junior German 3 day Champion-ships. At the Trakehner National Championships 2002 Qualifikation for German Championships Eva and ALTEFELD´S ROB OY (v. Sixtus) had the leading edge. An important role in this win was the outstanding dressage score of 9.5!

In the pony scene Leonie's students are highly respected participants. With the Rheinland pony stallion DOMINO DANCING Alice Fengels rode to an outstanding bronze medal finish both in the 5 and in the following year 6 year old class for dressage ponies at the German Young Horse Championships. This pair were also 2 years on the German short list ponies and collected countless honors both nationally and internationally. DOMINO DANCING´S next partner was another long time student of Leonie, Wendy Wehmeyer. This combination went on to play a leading role at the Rheinland Chmpionships as well as German Championships and further internationally have laid an impressive mark. Wendy and DOMINO were also named to the German short list ponies 2002.