Dressurausbildungsstall Leonie Bramall und Volker Dusche

Volker Dusche

For all questions regarding breeding and marketing, Volker Dusche is always at your service at Gestüt Mühlenort. Throughout his childhood, the 1966 born Master of Agriculture was continuonsly influenced by the horse breeding aspect of his parents farm. Geneticly handicapped by his father, Hans-Heinrich, and grandfather Friedel Könecke of Isernhagen (Hannover), whom over many years played a leading role in the regional breeding programs, is Volker Dusche himself since the tender age of 15 an independant and very succesful breeder.

After his agricultural studies in Osnabrück, during which Volker Dusche spent much time at the Association for Hanoverian Warmblood Breeders and with Uwe Heckmann in auction house Vechta, he worked 3,5 years at the Breeders Association for German Horses in Verden. As the »right hand« to the breeding manager Hans Britze, Volker Dusche was able to collect much insite into the political aspects of the breeding world and was directly resposible for the organising and managing of many stallion testings and breeding shows.
The year 2000 brought changes and Volker Dusche became the stud manager of the renowned Gestüt St. Ludwig in Rheinlands, Wegberg, before moving a year later and taking over the managing position of Gestüt Bonhomme in Bramsche, Osnabrück. Here he worked very successfully with his new team. Not only the number of breedings by SANDRO SONG enjoyed a sky rocketing effect, also many informative and harmonish »day events« recieved extremely positive resonance. Like wise the stallion FIORISSIMO. FIORISSIMO and BOTICELLO profilted immensly from this management, both breeding wise and in sport.

On a final note it must be said, many successful breeding and sport horses have arisen due to the joint breeding efforts of the Dusche family. One example, the in Verden as stallion approved EL HAVIS (v. Egerländer-Landsknecht) now in the USA under the name DOUBLETAKE. With his rider Eva Gonda this pair was crowned with the highly prized title »Hunter of the year«.

For the Donnerhall-son DUNHILL (M.v. Landsknecht - Grande) who travelled his way over the goverment stud in Celle then through the PSI-Auction for 400.000,- german marks to Gestüt Ammerland, is Volker Dusche also responsible. This bay Hanoverian stallion has been most successful in dressage sport for many years. Alone in the year 2001 Dunhill booked in with 21 wins and placings at the advanced levels. Next to a series of quality broodmares, many of which have been honored with breeding championships, there are also competetively successful sport horses and auction foals originating from the exquisit breeding lines of this highly motivated and knowledgeable horseman.