Dressurausbildungsstall Leonie Bramall und Volker Dusche

January 2003

DEICHGRAF - the somewhat different DONNERHALL

For those of you who have intensively studied the pedigree of the stallion of the century »DONNERHALL« it would have occured to you that the most important dressage stallion in the world carries the blood of the »Old-Oldenburg« breeding population in his veins.
The Old-Öldenburgern, who belong to the »draft warmbloods« have a low profile in the breeding structure of Germany. Their total numbers are also few.

Uwe Dankert of Grossburgwedel , an ambitious breeder of these rare lines, was responsible in 1992 for the pairing of his mare »LISETTE« (v.Eros) with Grönwohldhofs DONNERHALL.
The result of this match is a 17 hand black stallion whom now at 10 years of age seems to carry the potential for a higher dressage career.
After his stallion approval and his winning of the stallion testing, »DEICHGRAF« was primarily competed in driving shows. A second place at the German Championships in Warendorf with a difference of only 0.10 points was the reward. To date »DEICHI« has also been succesful in the dressage ring with wins and higher placings to the Medium levels. Now shortly having moved to Gestüt Mühlenort under the saddle of Leonie Bramall the stallion shows all capabilities for the advanced levels!
DEICHGRAF - a name to remember!

PASSIER visits Gestüt Mühlenort

As long as Leonie Bramall has sat in a saddle, it has happened always to have been a product of the in Langenhagen based saddlery company Passier. During both Olympic Games, Barcelona and Atlanta, Leonie rode each time in a saddle from Passier.
Due to the closeness of Niedernstocken to Langenhagen, Passier manager George D. Kannemeier used the opportunity himself to visit Gestüt Mühlenort and present the newest developmental concepts of his company. Gestüt Mühlenorts team is very pleased with the quality and wide versatility of their many Passier saddles as well as the possibilities of customising these saddles to fit the individual needs of horse and rider.

New team member at Gestüt Mühlenort: FARLEY

As of the 24 of December 2002 the team at Gestüt Mühlenort has been expanded to include a swiss mountain-Rodewald mix puppy! Unexpected guests should beware in the future of being mobbed by an exuberant black and tan bundle of energy! All types of Doggie- Yummies are happily welcomed!

GOLDEN HORSE POWER - a suppliment with top quality

That only hay and oats no longer fulfill the needs of todays modern sport and breeding horses, is common knowledege. We at Gestüt Mühlenort suppliment our individual rations with Golden Horse Power.
The high quality of this suppliment becomes very apparent in a short time. Healthy coats, improvement in condition and fewer problems with infections and hair change. Better utalisation of the given grain ration (most often leading to reduction of the neccesary grain volume) - has been noted by all members of the team at Gestüt Mühlenort.
Your personal advisor for more information regarding Golden Horse Power is K.A. Welsing, Tel.: +49 1 72 / 60 93 387.